I like to think of this as “cross-cultural exchange”

Want to know what life is really like on the mission field?  Do you feel like all of those missions books seem to be missing something?  Join me on my journey in cross-cultural missions.  I’ll share the good, the bad and the ugly and all the little lessons learned along the way.

I am a Portland-based American that is blessed to keep finding herself invited into homes around the globe.  From El Salvador to Uganda to Rwanda, I have been honored to meet mothers, grandmothers, fathers and children that personify strength and grace.

Occasionally I steal a few “snaps” and capture their beautiful faces (along with photos of blue skies around the world) and collect them in albums.  I then return home to share them with my very annoyed cat, Pearl.

I have worked with These Numbers Have FacesAOET~USA and ENLACE and get to do my gallivanting professionally. Yes, I am one lucky girl.


2 thoughts on “Tina

  1. Tina,
    Do you ever see Miriam? I was wondering if you could get a note to her if I sent her an email. If so, what is the best place to send it through?

    • Hi Ginny-

      Yes, I see Miriam. I would be happy to pass on a note to her. She was sooo excited to meet you on the spring tour and was disappointed in the delay. I’m sure a note would help lift her spirits. You can send to either email address.


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