In to Africa (Rather than Out of Africa)

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When I left Uganda in October 2012, my feathers were ruffled and I was tired.  The struggle of serving in Africa had taken its toll.  My faith, my passion and hope were all bruised.

I remember thinking, “I don’t think I ever want to come back here. I am done!”

Now it’s October 2013 and I have a full year of rest, healing and reflection behind me.  Last week, as I sat in Addis Ababa awaiting a final flight to Kigali, Rwanda for 5 weeks with 2 additional weeks in Uganda, I was elated.  As I got off my flight, a cool and lovely morning greeted me.   As I waited for shuttle two, I asked the airport representative if I could wait outside and take in the cool air.  He looked me up and down and said, “Only you.”  I made my first new African friend. 😉

For someone that specializes in communications, it’s ironic that I find it hard to explain why I am drawn back to Africa.  Somehow it just seems that I belong here.  Which makes no sense because I have never been any place less like my home , but somehow all my gifts, limitations and little quirks seem to  work together to help me thrive.

Even more than that, I feel like I have so much to learn from my friends in Africa.  Certainly living like Jaja is a master level class!  And African worship is a treasure always!  But more significantly, when I see people pushing against destiny—or hoping against hope as Paul says it—I am so inspired.  And I want to help them in any way that I can. In my world that means helping people with spreadsheets, computers, communications and just walking alongside them.

So here I am again.  Exploring God’s beautiful creation in eastern Africa and thanking him all along the way for the healing he has done in my heart, for the opportunity to do something I love and for the twists and turns he has ahead.

And who could really resist adorable faces like this little girl that I got giggling in Bugesera, Rwanda!


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