Creating Disciples + Creating Jobs

Here is a blog that I wrote in July for folks at River West Church. I thought I would add it here in case some of you missed it!

The Story Blog


I have worked in ministry for over 10 years: here at River West Church, in El Salvador, in Uganda and now in Rwanda and South Africa. Through the years, I kept finding myself connecting with young adults. I love their passion, their fearlessness and their desire to shake things up. I love talking about life and faith and Miley Cyrus. (To twerk or not to twerk, that is the question…)

While in Uganda, I got to pour a lot of love into students—from babies to high schoolers—and it was a true joy, but the limited options provided after high school became glaringly clear. Most African countries have alarmingly high unemployment rates and no student loans. So while I had been telling young people in Uganda to dream about who they wanted to become—the reality was that none of them could actually attend university to actually get there…

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