Help Get Me Off Motos

I have lived in Rwanda almost 2 years and during that time I have mostly gotten around on motorcycle taxis.  As you can see from this video, that can be a scary business. During rush hour it’s pretty dangerous and I definitely have been dropped a few times off bikes. (Yes, that is plural.) Although infrequent, I have also had a few exciting brushes with mortality and when the rainy season hits, it’s like my wings are clipped–even I am not crazy enough to ride a moto when the roads are wet and muddy. And invariably when I do, I end up with rain puddles in my shoes. That means when the rain comes, I find myself going stir crazy at home or running out of supplies and eating pringles for dinner. I try to take buses but a 15 minute trip normally takes about an hour and with a growing ministry and small staff, I often don’t have the time to spare.


This is how most Rwandans live every day of their life, so I have kept pretty quiet, but the truth is living without transportation creates  a lot of additional stress in my world. Life here can be really challenging and inconvenient and this additional difficulty is honestly taking a toll on me.  Until now I have been praying and hoping that somehow the funds would just appear, but it finally dawned on me that I should ask the folks that have been praying for my safety and success to help meet this need.  A few folks have donated already and we have some money saved, so we are heading the right direction but cars are expensive here.  So, I’m asing my friends and family to also pitch in.  Of course all donations are tax deductible  and if you ever come to Rwanda, I promise you a lovely ride through the city!

But please consider helping get me off motos!


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