A Week To Remember

Accelerate Fellows 2015.2016

I am a simple woman.

I love Jesus.
I love young leaders.
I love my church.
I love watching people become more of who they are meant to be.

Over the past few years I have prayed and dreamed and brainstormed about ways to bring all of these wonderful things into the same place at the same time.  I wanted my people from one continent to spend time with my people on another continent.  I wanted to share some of the wisdom and insight that helped shape who I have become with the amazing young adults I work with daily.  I wanted a big huge love fest where Jesus was the star and smart entrepreneuers and leaders were practically empowered with real world skills–while also having a better understanding of their own gifts and worth.

And if I am honest, I also wanted a dance party.  A legit dance party.

Well this past week at the First Annual Accelerate Summit–I got every one of these things and so much more.  Seriously guys.  Six amazing folks came from Oregon to teach, mentor and encourage young entrepreneurs. More than that, they came with hearts open to listen, witness and empower each individual that they met. They interacted and learned from local business leaders and our entreprenuers.  They were endlessly flexible and open to what ever the moment brought.  They even made time to throw in a few extra trainings for New Life Church Bugesera.  They brought it.

All week long, I got to share my heart’s love with people I love from around the world. And it was amazing.  It was priceless.  It was extravagant. Every day I was almost always on the verge of dancing and singing and crying and praising.

And it ended with a dance party.  Of course, I was too exhausted to dance but it was perfect anyway. To say I am thankful for my River West family, my These Numbers Have Faces staff both in the US and Rwanda, all of my prayer people and of course, our students would be the understatement of the year.

I am shattered. I am overwhelmed.  I am in awe that my God would care so much to create a perfect week.  And I can’t wait to til next year!


One thought on “A Week To Remember

  1. SO beautiful, and so beautifully communicated! Thank you for courageously walking smack dab in the middle of God’s plan for you! You are amazing! A hero!

    Betty A. Crews, Ph.D.
    Assistant Registrar

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