almost home sweet home…

One of the first challenges of a new adventure is finding a home. For someone that travels so much, I really am a homebody.  I like a cute, cozy space to relax and refuel from all of the needs of the day.  I don’t need fancy, but clean is key.

Originally, I planned to wait a few months to find my own place but after some discussion it was decided that finding a home sooner than later would be best for everyone.  In retrospect, I should have known that I would have wanted my own place sooner but I was trying to be “practical”.  Well it turns out that practical is actually to find a place now!

So I began the crazy process last week.  Let’s just say I saw places ranging in price from $175-$1300!  And honestly, I only liked one of them.  It is on the pricier end than I wanted to spend–$600–(costing more than I pay for my part of my house in Portland!) but it seems worth the extra money for some calm and serenity.   Of course, it was a brutal realization that they wanted 6 months rent up front plus a month security!  Sheesh.  Still working out how I will make that happen, but I am trusting that it will all work out.

Someone is in the house til mid-Feb, so I couldn’t get pics of the interior, but here is the exterior:

















Oh and did I mention is is right on the edge of Lake Victoria?


















Here Moses is helping me negotiate my contract. 😉

So God continues to lead and provide and I am so thankful.

Next is car shopping, but I will wait a few months for that to happen!  I need to rest up…



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