one of my favorite things

Forget Oprah!  I learned this week that part of my job is to stamp things and that is awesome.  While there are ways that Uganda holds on to old systems and processes that can make a mzungu a little batty, here is a tradition I can get behind!  Truly for any document to be official, it has to have the stamp of whomever is officially endorsing it.  Often, the stamper will stamp the document twice or three times.  I have not learned  all of the protocols of proper stamping but right now my philosophy is more is more.

To be honest, after a challenging day, NOTHING feels better than the finality of good stamp.  The smell of the ink, the thud of the pad, the beautiful imprint left behind…  Sheer bliss…

Hope today there is some little thing that makes you smile.

Some skillful stamping at the bank

My stamp!


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