a little bit of leave

After a few months in Uganda, it was time for a short leave. So, I met up with a River West service team in Rwanda. It was a wonderful time to reconnect with River West friends and beautiful to see the amazing work that God continues to do through Africa New Life throughout Rwanda.  I seriously had trouble containing myself at my excitement over the new seminary that will start instructing African pastors in the fall.  It is open to Pastors all over Africa and I am so expectant to see many lives impacted by this new amazing ministry. We were honored to provide hundreds of meals to kids in mutiple ANL programs.   And of course, there were adorable kids every where!

Once Sunday came around it was hard to say goodbye to my friends but fortunately Angie was coming back to Uganda with me–so the post-peep depression was lessened. We flew into Entebbe and met up with folks from Africa Renewal Ministries.  It was great to see what another Ugandan organization was doing and I left feeling encourage and excited. Truly an amazing staff building a new kind of Christian leader to serve all of Uganda!

Of course, Angie is a child hugging magnet–so a lot of our time was spent with kiddos in Angie’s arms.  She even got me to hold babies at ARM’s baby home!  Her joy is simply infectious!  Of course, I was a kitten magnet and regretfully did not bring this little furball of sweetness home.

The Rwanda team also had offered to bring me a few items from the states.  I sent them a list of things that would be useful–expecting to receive a few but was totally blown away when they showed up with everything on my list!  The team and some friends from home had all contributed and sent so many wonderful items from home: fluffy towels, sheets that would fit my bed, sharp knives, spoons, office supplies, beautiful dishtowels and even artwork.  They brought me tortilla shells, Stumptown coffee and skittles–all of my favorite things! Honestly, I don’t even know that I thanked them very well because I was in shock at the sheer abundance of goodness.  Yet another reminder of how God cares for us–with abandon and sugary sweetness!











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