more treats

Two more collections of treats made it from home! My parents went nuts and crammed all of this wonderful stuff in one envelope!


Kelly brought me a gorgeous bag of Stumptown. Hallelujah!


And Ginger sent me a 6-pack of amazing micro-fiber wash clothes which bring me deep joy every day.  I am being totally serious!  They are happy and practical.  Wash clothes seem impossible to find here.  I gave 3 to Jonathan and Andrea because it felt wrong to horde them.


I also bought a cute potholder!  (Thank you Jesus for amazon! I just ordered it online, had it sent to our office and Kelly put in her luggage!)  Ladies here have super human hands and honestly rarely use them–so the only potholders are made for tourists and I don’t think work so well.  So, my (scarred and burnt in a few places now) fingers are so happy!



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