Yep, Too Much Joy


Ntihemuka Iranzi


So many stories to tell of God’s faithfulness, grace and joy.  And simply not enough time.

So let me just thank God for a few things and post a few pics.

  • Such a great comraderie and partnership with Mutesi Scovia in the TNHF office.
  • Quality time with so many amazing TNHF scholars. These young men and women are simply amazing.  Bright, ambitious and deeply called to improve life for their communities in Rwanda and Congo.  I look forward to the day that I can say, “I knew them when!”
  • Good adventures and great joy in the work.

Thank you so much for you prayers!  I promise to post a story or two from the ground this weekend.  You will be inspired, I promise!

Uwimana Jeannine

Nyirabashyitsi Yvonne Nshimiye Ndayisaba Lenny



One thought on “Yep, Too Much Joy

  1. Really great to hear from you! Looking forward to hearing specifics and seeing more joy-filled faces. Our Prayer Cohort meets one week from today. Any requests?

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