Something Else to be Thankful For

All of my American friends will soon be waking from their Thanksgiving food coma and I wanted to give you all one more gift from my Thanksgiving in Uganda.  I was so thankful to be invited to a missionary gathering for Thanksgiving dinner, but then was invited to a meeting out at Cornerstone Leadership Academy’s girls’ school.  My time in Uganda is short is and I felt like I wanted more time with students, so I forewent the turkey and gravy for a plate of potatoes and meat cooked by the young ladies at CLA.  What a smart decision!

The meeting was an introduction to Cornerstone’s program for graduated students, Cornerstone Old student’s Club or COSA.  Mary, from the COSA office began with a prayer and asked the girls to lead a song. This CLA class is called “Echoes of Grace” and I learned why as they burst into song!  Wow.  Twenty minutes later we were going strong and my heart overflowed with even more thanksgiving. Here is a little glimpse of the spontaneous worship session to start your “Black Friday” in the US.


You are all very welcome.


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