Murakoze! Webale! Oh Heck, Thanks!


I am thankful to be right where I am.  After returning from Uganda in 2012, I did a lot of soul searching.  I asked myself what did I want to do next and what was I best at.  The answer was really always, “Help young adults in Africa become the leaders that God meant for them to be.” Which is well and good, but I do have bills to pay and needed a way to keep the roof over my head.  So  I applied to job after job, but nothing worked out. Which was a little disorienting to me because the one thing I am best at is work–but no one would hire me.  I prayed through the ups and downs and trusted God to provide for my needs.  Then I got a call from Shoshon at These Numbers Have Faces in September and he asked if I would be interested in going to Rwanda and Uganda to work with young adult leaders and new program staff.  Yes, please.

Today I am typing from a guesthouse in Uganda and later this afternoon I will be heading out to a girls school to celebrating graduation and joining in the party!  And my heart is full of thanks.

Yesterday I taught a few staff members at These Numbers and Cornerstone Development how to use a Salesforce database.  They loved the skill training and I think this will really help them do their job.  It was such an honor to work with them.  And my heart is full of thanks.

Last week I was welcomed in out of the rain into a small tent room in a refuge camp and huddled together with people that have literally been forced from their home, with all of their possessions taken–including their means of income.  Yet, rather than being filled with gloom, we laughed together and I was given the amazing honor of kneeling side-by-side and praying for these families.  My heart is breaking. And my heart is full of thanks.

I am surrounded by people helping make change in the world and it is a humbling to see what change people are empowering in Jesus’ name globally.  It’s pretty awesome!  And my heart is full of thanks.

It should also be noted that I have daily been so deeply thankful for the hot shower here at Cornerstone. And for Marie Denton who fixed the shower (albeit cold) waiting for me in Rwanda.  And my heart is full of thanks. (And a bit warmer thanks to the hot water…)

I may not be eating turkey or stuffing, but I could not be more deeply blessed  than  I am right now.  Besides I started my Thanksgiving with a fruit and nut chocolate bar and coffee milk–only slightly less amazing then a Thanksgiving meal.   And perhaps I can convince Cathy McMurray to do a small Thanksgiving do-over for me when I return? 😉

Happy Thanksgiving!


3 thoughts on “Murakoze! Webale! Oh Heck, Thanks!

  1. Ha! I just read your Instagram comment and was going to suggest a Thanksgiving meal upon your return . . . then again, you may want Korean short ribs instead : )

    Miss you friend.

  2. Having a thankful heart away from home, friends and family on this special day
    is a gift from God….you are a great example of that thankfulness as are many of
    those you are ministering to. PTL

  3. Reading how God has given you the desires of your heart and is now fulfilling them makes my heart thankful. Watching Him work in and through you is beautiful! Thank you for your willingness to share:)

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