Invest In An Aunty


In one week I get on a plane and return to Rwanda.  I will be in Africa until early December.  I am so excited to return to KIgali and see all my dear friends there.  My time home has not been wasted and I have a box of donated books, some donated computers and even a bunch of dress shirts to share with our students.  I am excited to be the one to invite a few new students into our program, see what life is like in Rwanda when university starts up and really get the wheels rolling on The Accelerate Academy–our new initiative to train and empower entrepreneurs.  I will also get in some visits to Uganda and Cape Town to support our other programs.  It will be a full 4 months and I feel ready for it!

A big chunk of my time home has been about doing consulting work to raise money and raising personal support. Through the amazing generosity of friends, family and my church, my position is almost fully funded.  Almost. 

I want to take this opportunity to invite the rest of your to join me in this amazing work.  Truly when you partner with me in any capacity, you are joining a mission to change Africa from within.  You are standing up for amazing young people like Iranzi, Jean Paul and Scovia.  You are investing in leadership, health and a whole lot of “Aunty Tina” words of support, encouragment and love. 

I currently need to raise about $750 more a month.  Truly any amount will get me one step closer to keeping the lights on and being able to stay better focused on the students.   A monthly gift of $10 might not make a dent in your budget but will provide funding for me to buy a young woman coffee and talk about the challenges of university life, dream about her future and help her take one step further in her journey.  If you gave $50 monthly that would allow me to pay for the cost of internet that provides blog updates and instagram fun.  Monthly support of $100 might help me host a regular Bible study where young women can come together, share challenges and support one another.  Trust me, every dollar sent is used to serve the young adults that I love so dearly. And every conversation is intended to share a drop or two of the love that Jesus has poured into my life, into theirs.  

And also, I find really cool little gifts for all my supporters. So it’s like investing in a future cool little gifty from Africa.

If you have called me Aunty or Tia or allowed me to mentor you in anyway, please consider giving. If you have mentored me, consider continuing that investment.
If you just want to stop hearing me request support, help me meet my need, so I can share inspiring stores, awkward moments and lovely images instead. 

Please invest in an Aunty today! 

(Yep, evey dollar is tax deductible!  You can give online via the link above or send checks to: These Numbers Have Faces; 537 SE Ash St #204; Portland, OR 97214. Just write “Tina Anderson” on the memo line.)


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